Thursday, February 16, 2017

New from Shutter Field and Decor Junction


For February round of Tres Chic Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated to create an original mesh Adirondack Seat.   This seat is wider than a normal Adirondack chair to allow for 2 avatars to sit on it.

The seat is low LI, mod and copy.  It has single sits and couples cuddles.  There is a M/F PG version with a variety of male and female single sits, plus male-female cuddles.  There is also a 
M/M PG version with mainly male and a few female single sits, plus male - male cuddles.  The seat also has a texture change cushion.



Comes in Driftwood, Green and White.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Events Galore with Serenity Style

Hans from Serenity Style has been busy whipping up some amazing items for a variety of events and you get to go and grab them and enjoy the event hopping at the same time!


Here is the exclusive gacha for the MadPea International Food Fair an event to raise funds for the Feed a Smile charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. 

The 50% of the earnings will be donated to Feed the Smile so please make sure you visit this event and spend up large!

The event is themed in food and Hans has made an exclusive gacha inspired by typical Spanish food that she hopes you will enjoy !

The event runs from 18 Feb to 4th of March.


Here is a new gacha exclusive for the new round of the Whimsical event.

They are 9 commons and 1 rare all in 2 versions for hold or rez.

The event starts on the 18th of  Feb.


Although this round of Dec(o)crate has passed you can still purchase the crate if you wish.  This is the delightful item from Serenity Style.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Enjoy the Sunshine

I felt like today was the perfect day for a sit about to just enjoy some SL sunshine.  It is made all the better when you have fabulous items to sit in or near.

This wonderful Penryn Arbour Seat With Deck from {what next}is available at the new round of Collaborate.  It has texture change capabilities for the arbor and deck as well as the lantern and cushions.  Of course it also has great poses for singles, male and female, as well as some lovely ones for couples.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Love and On9 at Shutter Field

There is so much going on at On9 so get ready for some great items and a sale!


February is the time when love is in the air so why not treat yourself and your loved one to some wonderful Shutter Field goodies.


On9 starts on the 9th and Decor Junction and Shutter Field have teamed up again to bring you these delicious Trunk Seats.  They come in black, leather, old leather and shabby (shown). Perfect for any room of your home or even your patio or garden.  Just gorgeous.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Valentines Items at Potomac

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We've got some new items out for you at Potomac for Valentine's Day  :)

And our current group gift for Potomac members:  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Frames from Serenity Style

Here is my new gacha collection exclusive for The Crossroads.

The event starts on the 3rd Feb.

There has been a landscape change for this event so make sure you use this LM. Go check it out!

Shutter Field and Decor Junction at Crossroads

Shutter Field and Decor Junction have collaborated to create something for men for the February round of The Crossroads.

The Westcliff range includes a chair, coffee table and sofa.   The sets come in leather or black fabric.  The sofas are sold separately and have male / female pg, male / male pg and male / male adult versions.

The Crossroads starts on 3 February.

The chair and sofa are in Shutter Field main store and satellite store at Spurt to have a peak at before the event starts.


A friend asked me to make something including the gay rainbow so I have done this wee piece of wall art.    Everyone deserves the freedom to live and love, without fearing judgment, punishment or harm.  This is for one of my oldest and dearest friends in SL, who is gay.

The wall art is in the satellite store on Spurt Headlands.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Tyson is posing and he a poser as he can't ski.  H just wants to go up and down the chairlift all day, waving to the people below and then go drink hot chocolate at the lodge.  Perfect day 'skiing' in his books.

I am loving this chairlift set called Skyline from WetCat.  You can find it at the Draftsman event which is a super cool home and garden extravaganza.  I hope you have all been over to have a look because you will be missing out if you haven't.

The chairlift has couples and singles poses and there are also poses in the main poles too.  You even get the skis to makes the look right.  Great set for any winter land.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Concert in the Park

More goodies from the Draftsman event today.  Well, one anyway.  I also have some great items that will be at the upcoming Gacha Garden (not open yet).  Woohoo!

This gorgeous KraftWork Victorian Theater has changeable background textures and looks stunning in a garden or park environment.  I love the detail on this stunning theater.  As well as looking good it also has poses to make it fun.  It has three puppet poses for three avis at once and five drama poses for two avis.  How cool is that?

Since there was only one of me I used it as a concert area for this great piano set from *CHEZ MOI*.  It comes with this lovely piano and seat with piano playing pose and couples animations too.  You can even listen to a variety of songs!  You can also grab the lyrics frames and chairs (seen above).  The seed of inspiration item is the guitar with stand (also above).  There are a variety of piano colours and chairs too.

Brick House

Yes, I know it is technically not a house, but the song is 'brick house' not 'brick factory', so there you go!

This cool factory is, however, from Nomad and is the Old Factory B.  You can find it at the Draftsman event and is a really cool build.  The inside is great too with a mezzanine and plenty of space.  Would be a great store or a really big house!

Make sure you go and check it out at Draftsman.